Powered by innovation and product development, Deccan Healthcare has innovated and developed HEALTHY LIFESTYLE FOOD PRODUCTS (HLFP) that constitutes essential ingredients of our daily food. These are the new generation of nutritional solutions. They are acclaimed for daily consumption to meet recommended dietary allowance values of micronutrients. Educated and knowledgeable society augments the role of Micronutrients and HEALTHY LIFESTYLE FOOD PRODUCTS in keeping the body healthy and fit.

For understanding Healthy Lifestyle Food Products better:

  • What are Micronutrients? +

    Our food is categorized into Macronutrients and Micronutrients.

    Macronutrients are proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Fats and carbohydrates provide energy and calories. Whereas, proteins build muscle mass and are required for the structure, function, and regulation of the body's tissues and organs. Predominantly, most diets consist of carbohydrates and fats that fill the stomach and alleviates hunger missing out on protein intake. Cases of carbohydrate and fat deficiency are found only in below poverty line category, whereas protein and micronutrient deficiency is found across all ages, genders, rich and poor. A selected diet requires to be planned with care to ensure precise intake of macronutrients.

    Micronutrients are of 75 types and are classified into vitamins, minerals, amino acids and bionutrients. These are found in our regular diet and essential for functioning of our body. Some of the well-known examples are Calcium, Iron, Zinc, Iodine, Vitamin-D and Vitamin-B. Research over the years has established the importance of micronutrients and the deficiency of which leads to disease, disability and disorder. ‘Micronutrient’ as the name suggests, are required in small quantities and work as a catalyst for many bio reactions that helps each cell to be healthy and productive. If the micronutrients are deficient, the body will fail to produce adequate hormones and enzymes. Most of the hormones, enzymes, and immunity boosters require a trigger response from the body, which is catalyzed by these micronutrients.

  • What is Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA)? +

    Scientific research has established the RDA of many macronutrients and micronutrients. It is significant to note that this is an extensive research subject and it cannot be concluded that all micronutrients have been discovered having their RDA set.

  • What are the benefits of Healthy Lifestyle Food Products? +

    Daily consumption of HLFP as food helps to eradicate micronutrient deficiency and maintain RDA values of micronutrient intake. is specifically formulated for the nutritional rehabilitation and ensures optimum health to live life to the fullest.

    Healthy Lifestyle Food Products destined to make you STAY WOW! And bestow HAPINESS* HEALTH* WEALTH.

    • Enhances lifestyle
    • Builds healthy body
    • Improves Fitness levels
    • Improves Longevity
    • Delays early aging
  • Why must you take Healthy Lifestyle Food Products? +

    Our Modern Lifestyle

    Our modern lifestyle engages in activity and is pre-occupied with pressure, stress and timelines. Consequently, we do not consume healthy food and at time intervals for days and fall short of RDA values of essential micronutrients.

    Quality of food consumed is relatively poor

    By the time you eat food, it has gone through a journey from cultivation, storage, value addition and purchase. Moreover, imagine its processing cycle from polishing, refining cleaning, and finally cooking. Have you ever wondered what nutritional value remains in your food? The answer is fats and calories to intake lacking micronutrients. During every processing of food until you finally consume it, the nutritional value of food keeps diminishing.

    Increased dependence on fast foods and questionably healthy precooked foods

    Our dependence on fast foods and precooked food is increasing on an alarming note. Many researchers have challenged its health benefits over the years. Undeniably it is deficient of micronutrients of the RDA Values. As a result, we become susceptible to deteriorated health, diseases and illnesses caused due to micronutrient deficiencies.

    Since Deccan Healthcare was first created it has been on the quest to develop a range of ready-to-use nutritional products as its central strategy. We have mastered the art and science of HEALTHY LIFESTYLE FOOD PRODUCT'S innovation, research, development, manufacturing and supply. It ensures best quality food ingredients are used to manufacture HEALTHY LIFESTYLE FOOD PRODUCTS. It helps in cultivation and storage of food items it uses, to extract the food ingredients. To preserve nutritional value our extraction processes use superior technology like ‘Super Critical Extraction Process’, ‘Cold Press Extraction Process’. Our industrial optimisation of softgel capsules, hard gel capsules, tablets and other forms of Healthy Lifestyle Food Products uses the most modern and safe technology (Pharmaceutical Grade Precision) to deliver best quality.

  • Why are Healthy lifestyle food products packaged as medicines? +

    Micronutrients are required in small quantities. Tablets, soft gel capsules, hard gel capsules, powders, liquid syrups are the most convenient to intake, safe and aesthetic way of packaging these micronutrients. They are easy to consume, easy to carry and have a high degree of accountability. Softgel capsules are very suitable for these because softgels can package semi-solid and paste type materials like oils among others. Oil pastes are good delivery vehicles of micronutrients. When Vitamin-D is packaged with oil in a softgel it is better absorbed by the body. DHC’s O3D3 Healthy Lifestyle Food Product delivers Omega-3 and Vitamin-D3 to eradicate the deficiency of vitamin-D3 and is the best product in this category.

  • Who should consume these Healthy lifestyle food products? +

    Every individual today is at risk of nutritional emergencies. This is due to our fast paced lifestyle, which makes our health and vitality deteriorate. Health conditions like blood pressure, diabetes, bone and joint problems, hormonal imbalances, hair loss to name a few have become synonymous to life.

    Every individual must counter “micronutrient deficiency” and consume HEALTHY LIFESTYLE FOOD PRODUCTS that helps meet RDA’s values of micronutrients and eradicate micronutrient deficiency. Consumption of our HEALTHY LIFESTYLE FOOD PRODUCTS is a healthy lifestyle practice like cleaning your teeth every day or washing hands before eating food.

  • How long should we take Healthy lifestyle food products? +

    Consumption of Healthy lifestyle food products is to be continued daily till you change your lifestyle and adopt a healthy micronutrient rich food habit. Healthy lifestyle food products are an easy alternative as compared to getting access to micronutrient rich food.

    If you are unable to consume micronutrient rich food daily to meet RDA of micronutrients, then you must incorporate our healthy lifestyle food products into every meal.

  • What is the dose of Healthy Lifestyle Food Products? +

    RDA is the governing dose. Our Healthy Lifestyle Food Products should be taken to meet the RDA of each micronutrient. It is recommended to take RDA of ingredients of Healthy Lifestyle Food Products. Consultation with a dietician or nutritionist may help if higher dose is required.

    Should you consult a doctor before taking Healthy lifestyle food products?

    You consult the doctor/hospital when you are unwell. When you are well, healthy and fit the doctor may not have the prescription for you to make you healthier. Doctor is the master of “cure”. We recommend that you visit a Dietician, Nutritionist, or any thought leader who can recommend healthy food for a healthy lifestyle.

    It is not essential to visit or consult any specialist to intake our HEALTHY LIFESTYLE FOOD PRODUCTS; your well-wishers are the best knowledge source. Just recall what your mother, grandmother told you to eat and do? If you did exactly that you would not need a Doctor – Remember the proverb “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” HEALTHY LIFESTYLE FOOD PRODUCTS like apple have always existed; Doctors are recent additions to this world. Having said this, we do not want to be bias, if you wish to consult your doctor please do so. However please visit a doctor who is well versed with knowledge on Healthy lifestyle food products.

  • How do Healthy lifestyle food products help the Aging Population? +

    Life expectancy is increasing at the fast rate today, healthy and graceful aging is the need of the hour. Research suggests that omega fatty acids help protect against Alzheimer's disease and dementia, and have a positive effect on gradual loss of memory linked to aging. Our healthy lifestyle food products such as JEEVAN 75 – containing essential 75 Micronutrients makes ageing graceful and ensures you Stay Wow always.

  • How Healthy lifestyle food products help in wealth creation? +

    The world spends more than 90% of every health dollar on treatment and less than 5% on wellness and prevention, which is clearly unbalanced. You are sold to believe that you are healthy and fit and as you age you will be unhealthy and unfit, and become disease prone. This belief instigates money saving, buying insurance policies to meet foreseeable medical expenditure rather than spending that money today on fun living – to Stay wow. At present healthcare costs are so high that your earnings could be spent on medical treatment and cure.

    Our team empathizes with these concerns and relentlessly strategies to find answers. We asked ourselves is what is the solution to end this misery? Why should we fall sick and suffer when we can innovate a solution? The result of dedication and hard work of our leaders gave birth to healthy lifestyle food products. We realised that micronutrient deficiency is a cause for over 100 diseases, if we can eradicate micronutrient deficiency we can reduce the financial burden of cure/treatment and its consequences.

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Our Mission - Eradicate Micronutrient Deficiencies


At Deccan Healthcare our mission is to improve access to innovative nutritional solutions with our Healthy Lifestyle Food Products meeting international quality standards through local production, close to the populations requiring them.

Micronutrients are essential to sustain life and for optimal physiological function. Widespread global MicroNutrient Deficiencies (MNDs) exist. Among them Iron, Iodine, Folic Acid, vitamin-A, and Zinc deficiencies are most prevalent. MNDs are common contributors to reducing growth, intellectual impairments, prenatal and neonatal complications, and increased risk of morbidity and mortality.

To list some of the adverse effects these MND's may cause;

  • Iron deficiency: is the most common MND worldwide. It leads to microcytic hypochromic anemia, weakness and inability to work, as well as impaired immune and endocrine function.
  • Iodine deficiency disorder: is widespread and results in goiter, mental retardation, and reduced cognitive function.
  • Adequate zinc is necessary for optimal immune function. Its deficiency is associated with an increased incidence of diarrhea and acute respiratory infections, major causes of death in those <5 years of age.
  • Folic acid is taken in early pregnancy and prevents neural tube defects. Folic Acid is essential for DNA synthesis and repair, and deficiency results in microcytic anemia.
  • Vitamin A deficiency: is the leading cause of blindness worldwide and it impairs immune function and cell differentiation.

It is important to note that single MNDs rarely occur alone; often, multiple MNDs coexist.

The long-term consequences of MNDs are not only seen at the individual level but also have detrimental impacts on the economic development and human capital at the country level. Perhaps of greatest concern here is the cycle of MNDs that persists over generations and its intergenerational consequences that we are only beginning to understand.

To overcome MNDs is critical and traditionally has been accomplished through supplementation and fortification. The introduction of the local manufacture of Deccan Healthcare's BeYoung brand products improves the response to many nutritional emergencies, makes it easier to tackle chronic malnutrition outside emergency periods, boosts local economies – including raw material production sectors – and fosters the incorporation of ready-to-use nutritional supplements in national nutrition strategies.