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Testosterone keeps men running. It’s the hormone that makes Man-a-Man, and it is what gives men their appetite for sex. Low testosterone levels can leave men feeling less energetic, less self-assured, less manly. Unavoidable circumstances may happen as we age, because testosterone production slows down and estrogen will begin to increase. This will cause the sexual desire to reduce, and in most cases result to erectile dysfunction.

XtraJoshtm has this combination of proven ingredients that directly attack the two big assaults on your manhood. This combination of defending your body against reduced blood flow to the penis and vanishing testosterone in incredibly powerful.

The powerful blend in this natural product boost male’s performance in the bed. It is useful for enhancing male potency and helps to overcome signs of fatigue. It is particularly useful for those suffering from low sex drive. It increases testosterone levels and also strengthens immune system of the body. Ingredients in the blend work by relaxing smooth muscles and increasing blood flow into the corpus cavernosa (erectile tissue in penis)

  • Enhances sexual desire and performance
  • Improves male performance by providing nitrogen to nitric oxide molecule- the important factor to achieve erection that is stronger, frequent and lasts for a longer period of time
  • Master rejuvenator
  • Enhances male potency and overcome fatigue
  • Strengthens immune system of the body